Design Build

Design Build

Char’s Tracy Mansion

Location: Harrisburg, PA
Value: $120,000
Services Provided: Switchgear, Lighting, Fire Alarm System

The renovation at Harrisburg’s historic Tracy Mansion on Front Street into a grand downtown restaurant required skilled electrical craftsmanship and electrical construction detail throughout the building. SECCO embraced the challenge of installing conduit into the existing 23 inch block walls. Channels were strategically cut into the brick and block walls to accommodate the conduit that would provide the pathway for wiring from the three panels, located in the basement, hall and kitchen.

Troegs Independent Brewing

Location: Hershey, PA
Value: $700,000
Services Provided: Electrical Wiring, Cabling, Data/Telecommunications, Indoor and Outdoor Lighting, Fire Alarm System.

Our team provided the electrical construction for their expanded facility in Hershey, PA. This design build project showcases a tap house for beer tasting with an upscale snack bar, a brew house, and a splinter cellar with three massive wooden barrels for their specialty beers.