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Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Energy Systems

Solar Photovoltaic panels convert FREE Sunshine to Electricity! Chances are, you’ve already researched the technology and understand how viable and energizing Solar Systems can be! Two other components of the
Installation are vital – after all, Your Solar System should last 20 to 30 years with minimal maintenance.

Installation – Properly designed, installed, inspected and wired is a vital part of every installation. Special training and care must be taken to handle the cable connections properly – since DC voltage is produced by the solar modules. Untrained electricians typicaly work with AC voltage, which involves more forgiving splices, connections and terminations. Cabling is specially rated to carry DC currents and voltages. Our Installations are supervised by our on-staff NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) Professional.

Service – We’re local to the Central PA area and are ready and capable of servicing and maintaining your Solar PV System. We have been trained by the major manufacturers and understand the frustration a Customer feels when the sun is shining and their system is not producing to capacity.

We have the sense of urgency it takes to represent your best interests in the solar business

Check out some of our solar installations!

SunPower X Series High Efficiency Solar Panels

SunPower X-Series Solar Panel Installation

This customer decided to install the most efficient residential solar panel on their home. The solar array that we installed for them consists of X-Series Solar Panels manufactured by SunPower which deliver unmatched performance and energy output compared to any other residential solar panel in production at this time.

The advantages of the X-Series panels in this system allow the customer to experience high energy production paired with extreme flexibility during installation. Allowing more energy production with less panels and less roof space required.

AllSun Solar Tracker Installation

The AllSun Solar PV Tracker installed at a customers home is pictured here waiting for the sun to rise in the morning. This tracking system will follow the path of the sun through the sky from dawn to dusk.

The tracking technology of this solar system lets the system collect more energy from the sun than a typical PV system. This means that the tracking system is 35% to 45% more efficient and produces up to 5880 kilowatt hours a year.

AllSun Solar Tracking System
Dickinson Farm Pump House Solar

Dickinson Farm Pump House

The Dickinson Farm just outside of Carlisle, PA is a living laboratory for the use of the students at Dickinson College. The farm is run by college employees and students and serves as a tool to teach sustainable living and farming.

The SECCO Solar Team was honored to be able to work on a truly unique solar installation for the Dickinson Farm. The installation was confined to a small roof and building, so it required some extra attention to the use of space for the installation of the solar inverters.

Now the Dickinson Farm's pump house gets a boost from the sun, allowing the water pumps to be run while reducing the farm's environmental footprint.

Wattsun Dual-Axis Solar Tracker

This Wattsun Dual-Axis Solar Tracker is installed in Lewisberry, PA where the property owner simply didn't have enough roof space to install a traditional roof-mounted Solar PV System. The Wattsun Dual-Axis Solar Tracker follows the sun all day, making sure the sun's rays hit the solar panels at the optimum angle to be most productive.

At the end of the day, when the Wattsun Tracker has absorbed all the rays, it returns to the "Good Morning" position and is ready for another day. The return trip from sunset to sunrise takes less than 20 minutes and uses very little power to turn the entire solar array.

This Wattsun Solar Tracker will “track” the path of the sun throughout the year. As the summer sun is higher in the sky, the Tracker will flatten-out the array of high efficiency Sanyo 210 Panels to maintain the best electrical power output. As the winter sun is lower in the sky, the Tracker will increase the pitch of the panels to nearly vertical.

Wattsun Dual-Axis Solar Tracker
Tree House PV Install

Dickinson College students give Solar PV
Hands-on training a "thumbs up", as they are
carefully supervised by Matt Wilson.

Dickinson College is a Leader among institutions
in providing Sustainable Living education,
including the Dickinson Farm where a wide
variety of organic farming is performed.

Check out more pictures of Dickinson College
students learning to install Solar Arrays at our
Community Outreach page.

This is a nominal ground-mounted 40 kw Solar
Photovoltaic System installed with a Safety Fence
surrounding the array. This system is in Bedford, PA and
was a referral from an existing Solar Customer. 

40 kw Solar Photovoltaic System in Bedford, PA
Solyndra Tubular Solar PV System

The SECCO Solar Team installs another Solyndra
Tubular Solar PV System on a slightly pitched standing
seam metal roof of a steel warehouse facility. The
Solyndra panels are built in the Bay Area of California,
USA and are perfect for a Flat Roof when the building
owner is nervous about Roof Penetrations!

The Solyndra Solar PV Panel System interlocks
and is totally self-ballasting without adding a
substantial amount of weight to a roof. As the
snow falls through the Solar PV Tubes and coats
the roof, the Solyndra PV Modules become
more efficient and production increases!

We refer to the Solyndra Solar PV System as a
passive tracking PV System, meaning there are no
moving parts and the properly oriented tubes capture
the morning sun on one side, the noon day sun on the
top and the afternoon sun on the opposite side. A
white roof reflects even more light from under the tubes!

Brantz demonstrates the accuracy of this
ground-mounted Solar PV System being installed
by our SECCO Solar Team - ironically, to a backdrop
of the industry holding us hostage by raising the
cost of energy.

The Morning Star Market decided " enough is enough"
- we're freezing our Electricity Costs to provide us with sustainable Alternative Energy from the Sun, the most reliable source of energy in our universe!

ground-mounted Solar PV System
Solar Team taking a break

The SECCO Solar Team taking a break from installing
the Solar PV Ground-Mounted System Installation in progress at the Morningstar Market, Rt. 30, York, PA.

These Solar Installers enjoy working in the Sun,
on the ground or on the roof!

SECCO Solar Installation Foreman and Master
Electrician, Rick Sawyer, takes a break in the Sun!

Rick is the Foreman on many of our large Solar PV Systems, handling all the scheduling, installation coordination – including all the high voltage
electrical interconnections.

Start to Finish, Rick has experience with Solyndra
(no roof penetrations) Solar PV Systems, Schuco Solar
PV Systems, Sunpower Solar PV Systems, Schott Solar Systems and Sanyo Solar PV Systems.

Solar Installation Foreman and Master Electrician
Morning Star Market Place Solar

The American Flag flies in the wind at the
Morningstar Market off Rt. 30 in York, PA – announcing
the independence their new Solar PV System will be
providing the York Area.

With more Solar Photovoltaic Modules producing power from Alternative Energy sources like Solar & Wind, the United States could someday break the grip the oil
cartels enjoy! Let Independence Ring!

Master Electrician & NABCEP Certified Matt Wilson & Master Electrician Craig Drabenstadt discuss the electrical wiring and installation techniques of this Thin-Film roll-out Solar PV product, commonly used on Standing Seam Metal Roofs of Pennsylvania Barns and Historic Homes.

This Thin-Film product is produced with adhesive backing, is shipped in roll-form and applies directly to the roof metal for years of trouble-free operation. Thin-film solar PV products perform better at higher temperatures experienced on metal roofing.

Craig Drabenstadt & Matt Wilson
we have experience working safely on a barn roof

Yes, we have experience working safely on a Barn roof,
as Luke & Matt team up to install this 30 KW Solar PV System. Barn roofs are notoriously slick and
somewhat rolling, which tests the Solar Installation
Team to make all the necessary adjustments to
keep the panels straight and true.

It’s important, and often overlooked by
non-electricians, that all the DC electric cables
connecting the panels are tied up and away from
direct contact with the roof. Contact with the roofing materials can damage or cause wear to the cables,
cause production loss and panel failure!

The finished product! The system consists of 144
Solar PV Panels, controlled by 3 multi-staged Central
Solar PV Inverters, providing the Customer with a
higher level of production and output from the
solar system.

Also, in the unlikely event of a malfunction of any one of
the Central PV Inverters, production will continue from
the other Central PV Inverters.

finished 144 solar PV panel array
solar PV canopy system Dickinson College

Ross & Matt are completing the Solar PV Canopy
System that allow light to pass through the Solar PV
panels and brighten the area below – great for an
outdoor reading and studying area or simply relaxing
out of the sun, but in the sun’s light – just what the
Students at Dickinson College will appreciate!

Project Foreman & Master Electrician, Rick is shown
in the 6 acre field of pile-driven ground mounts,
in preparation for the Solar PV Racking System which
will hold 1 megawatt of Solar PV Panels!

6 acre racking for 1 megawatt of solar PV system
Ross demonstrates his years of experience

Ross demonstrates his years of experience
running farm equipment – looks like he’s
enjoying it a little too much!

Kathy, Journeyman Electrician, is all smiles as she
works through the exacting details to keep the posts perfectly aligned and ready for the rail system that will
hold the Solar PV panels.

You’ll notice the concrete base installed wherever the
pile-driven posts didn’t pass the “pull-out” test.

Journeyman Electrician Kathy perfectly aligns the posts for a solar PV system
Master Electrician Tony ready for the racking system to hold four thousand three hundred solar panels

Ironman & Master Electrician, Tony says we’re ready
for the racking system to hold the FOUR THOUSAND
THREE-HUNDRED Solar PV Panels that will rest
on these pile-driven posts!

This 12 year SECCO veteran has been enjoying being
an Electrician for over 35 years! Just try & keep up with him, you’ll understand why we call him the Ironman!

A large Solar PV Project calls for some heavy-duty
equipment to help move the PV Array mounting
and racking materials .

large solar projects call for heavy equipment
4300 solar panels installed on ground mounted arrays on farmland

Aerial view drawing of a Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
Generating Facility detailing the PV Array installed
by the SECCO Solar PV Team. The project consists
of more than 4,300 Solar PV Panels installed on
ground mounted arrays that follow the contour of the
farmland, blending into the landscape.

This new Solar PV "Farm" will become a generating
facility, reducing the area's overall dependence on
polluting forms of fossil fuel, like natural gas, wood
and oil, and reducing the area's carbon footprint.

Along with the Solar PV System, the SECCO Team
of Master Electricians installed High Voltage
electrical systems to connect the Solar PV arrays
to the Utility Grid.

SECCO Solar Installers install grounding system
on an elevated-rail, self-ballasted system on a
flat roof in Carlisle, PA.

Syntek Solar Panel
tubular solar photovoltaic system in Carlisle PA

SECCO Co-Workers review a self-ballasted Solar PV System prior to completion in Carlisle, Cumberland County, PA. The tubular Solar PV Panels act as
“passive solar trackers” absorbing solar energy as
the sun moves across the sky.

This self-ballasted Solar PV System leaves just
enough room for this worker to access the
connections from underneath.

Elevating the Solar PV System above the flat roof also enables snow to drop between the solar tubes, eliminating the significant solar electric loss a flat panel solar system would encounter. Snow under the Solar PV System actually increases the production of the system, as the sun’s rays are reflected back to the PV tubes.

Self-ballasted system
100 Kw Tubular PV Array on Carlisle rubber roof system

100 Kw Tubular PV Array on Carlisle rubber roof
system increases system productivity - Qualifying
the roofing as part of the PV System.

As part of the PV Energy System, the new roofing can
use the same depreciation schedule and qualifies
for the 30% Federal Tax Credit as an integral component of the Solar PV System, claiming substantial tax advantages to the building Owner!

220 Kw Tubular PV Array in Mechanicsburg, PA
craned into position for installation crews. Over
1,200 tubular Solar PV panels strategically placed
on the roof structure, to make sure the roofing
system integrity is maintained.

Extra care is exercised to make sure the crews
moving the panels into position protect the roofing membrane from any possible damage.

220 Kilowatts

80 Kw Photovoltaic Solar System in Lemoyne PA

SECCO Solar Installers on an 80 Kw System in Lemoyne, PA. Keeping over 400 solar panels properly spaced and in symmetrical rows takes time and care.

Additional care is taken to keep all wiring off the roof surface allowing free flowing rain water to run under the panels without wearing the insulation off the wiring.

Elevating the Solar PV panels above the metal roof
surface also helps to keep the solar panels cool,
maximizing summer solar electric production.

SECCO Solar PV Installers, including Master Electricians, put the finishing touches on this grid-tied Solar PV system.

Electricity produced by this PV System will feed back
into the PPL Electric grid, helping to offset the needs
for the utility to produce electricity from fossil fuel
sources; oil, diesel fuel & gas.

80 Kw Flat Panel Solar PV System in Lemoyne PA
80 Kw Solar PV Inverter in Lemoyne PA

SECCO Solar & Electrical Construction Foreman
Rick Sawyer is pleased to have this heavy Central
PV Inverter unit rigged into place and connected
to the Electric System.

Keeping a large project on schedule while
communicating with the Owner of an operational
facility is an important part of retrofitting a facility with
Solar PV Electric Power, as electricity service
interruptions must be kept to a minimum.

SECCO Solar Intern building a pole-mounted
PV Array in Yellow Creek State Park in Pennsylvania.

PV Array in Yellow Creek State Park in Pennsylvania
Solar Installer makes an adjustement to solar array in Carlisle PA

SECCO Solar Installer makes an adjustment
to solar array in Carlisle, PA. Journeyman Electrician,
Matt, understands the importance of sound electrical wiring connections. While solar panels are sometimes thought of as “plug & play”, poor electrical connections degrade the Solar PV System performance while
going un-noticed.

3KW photovoltaic solar installation in Lemoyne, PA. This 30' x25'
solar array is visible from RT. 581.

3KW photovoltaic solar installation in Lemoyne PA
Solar Path Finder

SECCO Solar Installer uses a Solar Pathfinder
to determine the orientation of a photovoltaic
solar array in Lemoyne.

This 3KW Photovoltaic Solar installation will outlast
the new roof that was being applied to the Blue Chip
Federal Credit Union

3KW solar photovoltaic installation at the Blue Chip Federal Credit Union